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Historical Zone

The history of Noritake goes hand in hand with the history of Japan’s history of western tableware. Experience Noritake’s early days through the red brick buildings built in the Meiji era.

This red brick factory building marks the origins of Noritake as a modern ceramics manufacturer and is where the company leaped onto the world stage.

Morimura-gumi, the trading company established by Ichizaemon Morimura, built Nippon Toki Gomei Kaisha as its first factory in 1904 in order to manufacture pottery. This red brick factory building, operated until 1975, exudes a charming atmosphere, and is without a doubt symbolic of Japan’s western tableware history. Feel free to walk around and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the time.

Laying the foundation for the factory

Headquarters factory at the time of founding in 1904

Factory in 1979
A Global Spirit that Crossed the Oceans

Trading company Morimura-gumi in 1902
(predecessor company to Noritake))

Change of address notice for the New York branch
A look at the footsteps of Noritake since its establishment. If you follow those footsteps, you will find yourself in the time right after Japan opened itself to the West following Commodore Perry’s arrival. Ichizaemon Morimura founded the Morimura-gumi trading company in 1876, and opened an imported goods store, Morimura Brothers, with his younger brother Toyo Morimura in New York. This is said to be the first foreign trade conducted by a Japanese national since Japan opened its doors to international trade. After that, the Morimura brothers, mesmerized by white and sophisticated porcelain, founded Nihon Toki Gomei Kaisha in 1904 (presently Noritake Co., Limited), and with it opened a new avenue for full-fledged Western tableware production in Japan.
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