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Rest in the Forest

Fountain Plaza

Fountain Plaza is an open space with a refreshing fountain in the center. In the autumn, the space is delightfully decorated with beautifully colored gingko trees.

The Six Chimneys

The monument of the six chimneys, each 8 meters in height, is the site of the tunnel kiln for pottery baking that was built during the factory’s renovation in 1933. The flue which channeled smoke released from the kiln to the chimneys can still be seen at the root of the structure. The 45-meter tall chimneys were removed except for the monument part during the factory’s relocation in 1979.

Babbling Brook

This quiet stream flows gently amidst light filtered through dawn redwood trees.


A biotope refers to a restored natural environment in a city that allows the symbiosis of living organisms including plants, insects, fish and birds. This concept of natural environment conservation and cultivation formulated in Germany is also practiced here in Noritake Garden.

Kiln Wall

ikou_05.jpgBricks used to make the solid foundation of our first factory buildings were excavated and utilized as the material for a retaining wall. Names of Noritake Garden Foundation supporters are printed on plates embedded in the wall. This wall, built upon an important history and with warm support, was named the Kiln Wall, in dedication to the ceramics industry.

Chimney Plaza

Chimney Plaza offers a bright open space with a green grassy field from spring to summer.
It is a great place for a relaxing stroll.

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