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Expansion of Gypsum Facility In Thailand(To meet the increasing gypsum demand in Asia)

Jun 07, 2012

Noritake Co., Limited


Noritake Co., Limited (CEO: Hitoshi Tanemura; Headquarters: Nagoya, Japan) is announcing the expansion of its Thailand gypsum facility (The Siam Moulding Plaster Co., Ltd; hereafter referred to as SMP). The expansion completion ceremony is scheduled to occur on June 6, 2012.

The increasing production in recent years of sanitary ware and ceramic ware in Thailand, Vietnam, and throughout Southeast Asia, has led to a dramatic increase in the demand for gypsum moulding plaster. Moreover, the current building boom in Thailand is also expected to create an increased demand for building materials in which gypsum is used. The purpose of our facility expansion, therefore, is to accommodate this increasing demand for gypsum.
This expansion will increase our production capacity by approximately 1.5 times, enabling a new capacity of 81,000 tons per year. Furthermore, we are working jointly with the Siam Cement Group (an investing company in SMP) to develop new building material products.



Overview of facility expansion

                     Before Expansion new_plant
Facility space 16,900m2      (9,850m2)
Employees Approx. 180   (Approx. 150)
Production capacity 81,000t/year  (54,000t/year)
Investment amount 1 billion Yen


(Reference) Facility Information & History

Company name : The Siam Moulding Plaster Co., Ltd (SMP)
Location : Saraburi Thailand

1995 : 
SMP was established as joint-venture with the Siam Cement Group (Noritake's investment share: 30%).
          (The facility's initial production capacity was 24,000t/year)
2002 :
 Noritake increased its investment share in SMP to 60%.

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