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Notice on Sales Reorganization in Thailand for Southeast Asian Countries - Planning efficient sales by integrating manufacturing and sales -

Aug 31, 2012



Noritake Co., Limited (Representative Director &President Hitoshi Tanemura, based in Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Japan) has reviewed their sales organization in Thailand aimed for various countries in Southeast Asia, and will start activities from September 1 to integrated manufacturing and sales and allow direct sales by manufacturing companies in Thailand.

Previously, Noritake had a sales company Note 1 in Bangkok, Thailand that handled grinding and polishing related tools and gypsum products, and carried out sales activities in the region. Currently, Noritake is expanding our operations in Asia. Our affiliate Note 2, manufacturing diamond/CBN grinding tools, was established and started operations this fiscal year. In addition, our gypsum manufacturing affiliate Note 3 has reinforced their facilities.

As we organize our manufacturing bases, we have decided to aim for further efficiency by integrating our manufacturing and sales organization to allow each manufacturing affiliate to market their products. We anticipate enhanced delivery control, and efficiency feedback of sales information to our manufacturing and engineering sections.

toishi.jpgdiamond.jpg gypsum.jpg
Grinding and polishing related tools Gypsum products



(Note1) Grinding and policing related tools and gypsum product sales office

NTHAI stocks and sells gypsum products purchased from our Thai gypsum manufacturing affiliate Note 3 as well as grinding and polishing tools, manufactured at our Japanese manufacturing plants. These products are sold throughout Southeast Asia. Sales by this company will end August 31, 2012.


(Note2) Diamond/CBN griinding tool manufacturing affiliate

NSAT was established as a company to manufacture diamond/CBN grinding tools in our grinding and polishing tool line, and began operations in fiscal year 2012. From September 1, our general line of grinding and polishing tools imported from Japan will also be sold through NSAT.

1) Address: Saraburi Thailand

2) Capital: 360 million THB (approx. 900 million yen)

3) Investment ratio: 100%

4) Representative (president): Kenji Hayasaka





(Note3) Gypsum manufacturing company

(formerly: THE SIAM MOULDING PLASTER, renamed as of September 3, 2012)
NSP is the base of the Noritake Groups' gypsum supply. Gypsum is sold to Southeast Asian countries where demands are increasing, as well as exported as raw materials to Japan.

 1) Address: Saraburi Thailand

2) Capital: 405 million THB (approx. 1 billion yen)

3) Investment ratio: 60%

(Siam Cement Group 40%)

4) Representative (president): Prawin Srisoontornthai



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