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Wear-Resistant Punch Die for PCD Tie Bar Cutting

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Wear-Resistant Punch Die for PCD Tie Bar Cutting

A tool for removing tie-bar and resin burrs from IC packages made of PCD (sintered diamond).
Offering a high level of wear resistance, this tool greatly improves productivity with a marked increase in shot quantity compared to previous super-hard alloys.
Use your ingenuity to benefit from this tool in a wide variety of applications, including punch dies, bonding and conveyance jigs.


  • Extremely long tool life.
  • Fewer tool replacements.
  • Lowers machining costs.
  • High tool dimension precision.
  • Subject to few variations or drops in machining precision.
  • Allows for less fatigue and more reliable cutting performance.

Physical Properties

Super-hard alloy
Hv hardness 1200 8000 2200
Bending strength (Gpa) 1.05 1.26 2.07

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