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Company Overview

Providing high-quality products and services,
Noritake continues to be a "good corporate citizen" that is valued by society.

President Ogura

 Since it was founded in 1904 with the aim of manufacturing western-style dinnerware, Noritake has ventured into new businesses with a focus on ceramics technologies. Through our four business groups we now provide a wide variety of products and technologies ranging from dinnerware to the products for core and high-tech industries such as automotive, steel, energy including solar cells, electronics, etc.
Since our beginnings, we have developed our business in deepening relationship with foreign countries by means of exports, with our sales and manufacturing bases in various countries. Through all of these activities, at every period, business, or place, we have a common principle rooted in our mind. That element is the spirit of our founder: "Dedicate yourself to the community and to the nation, and ennoble your character, work for the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people through foreign trade, and contribute to permanent world peace."
In other words, as a manufacturer, Noritake has a mission to contribute to society by providing high-quality products and services. This is our corporate philosophy. Steadfastly maintaining this spirit, we will continue striving to be a good corporate citizen that is considered a needed part of society.




Corporate Profile

Basic corporate information including organization, business offices, group companies, etc.

Organization Chart

This is Noritake’s organization chart.

Office Information

Here are Noritake’s factories and sales offices located in Japan and overseas.

Group Companies

This is a list of group companies in Japan and overseas.

Corporate Principles

The model and standards set by the Noritake Group for the guidance of all its staff members.

History of Noritake

A glimpse into the 100 year history of Noritake.

Corporate Development

The development of the Noritake Group and its products over the years.

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