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Grinding and Polishing Tools

Grinding Wheels

Tools for grinding, polishing and machining various materials.

CBN Wheels

High-performance, long-life tools using CBN grain.

Diamond Tools

Tools for machining various non-ferrous materials using diamonds.

Coated Abrasive

Grinding and polishing tools using grain-coated substrates such as paper and cloth.


When grinding, polishing or cutting, Noritake’s coolants will draw out the machining performance of your tools.

Related Products

Noritake offers products for grinding and polishing.

Ceramics & Materials

Paste, Decalcomania and Decoration Materials

Materials such as electronic paste (thick-film electronic materials) for molding electrodes and insulators as well as decoration materials like decalcomania and pigments.

Thick Film Circuit Substrate, Engineering Ceramics, and Gypsum

Noritake provides high reliable thick film circuit substrates for Automotive, ceramic core for Precision casting, porous ceramics and plaster to a wide range of market.

Vacuum Fluorescent Display

Displays such as vacuum fluorescent displays and digital signage.

Electronic Ceramic Powder

Raw materials for use with pottery and glass or electronics field ceramics, etc.


Heating Furnaces / Kilns

Heating systems and ancillary products for firing kilns and drying furnaces, etc.

Mixing Technology

Noritake provides actuator-less line mixers and related equipment.

Cutting and Grinding Machine

Steel and automotive industry-centered machines for cutting and grinding.

Filtration Systems

Industrial filtration systems as well as filtration-related systems are available.


For Your Home

Beautiful chinaware for family table,gift and ornament

For Your Business

Tableware for professional and /or institutional use

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