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Research and Development

Research and DevelopmentNoritake technology is focusing ahead on the future
With its advanced development capabilities and enthusiasm to pursue the best, Noritake concentrates efforts to refine key technologies in ceramics, creating new technologies for the next generation. Looking at the edge of the era, we conduct a wide range of studies from basics to application.

Fixed Abrasive Polishing Tools

Noritake is developing fixed abrasive polishing tools achieving high precision and high efficiency with low environmental burden.

Porous Ceramics

We’re conducting research and development on porous ceramic materials — ceramic materials that exhibit various properties through the addition of pores in the ceramic material.

Decoration Technology of Tableware

Pursuing high quality and sophisticated designs, Noritake continuously develops new materials and new technology.

Fuel Cells / Materials for Fuel Cells

Noritake develops materials and components for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFC).

Company Policy


We develop our key technologies for clean energy production based on Noritake’s core technologies in the field of ceramics.


We develop the technology that can contribute to the society by further refine our core technologies such as techniques and technologies for firing, printing and material manufacturing.


Noritake’s technology has developed with engineer’s passion. We will train engineers with ambition.

Company Organization

The Development & Engineering Group has a cooperative structure with all technical sections of Noritake Group companies. In addition, actively collaborating with universities, outside research agencies, and national projects enhances our technology bases of research and development.

<Role of the Development and Technology Headquarters>

Research and Development Center

Looking ahead to the future, this center focuses on innovative technological developments especially in the fields of nanomaterials and porous ceramics by using our core technologies.

Strategic Development Projects Center

This center aims to rapidly develop and commercialize new products in cooperation with other sections of the Noritake Group in accordance with the group-wide management strategies.

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