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New Porous CBN "FP Wheel"

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New Porous BN “FP Wheel”With a new porous design that greatly improves the dispersibility of the grain, this product demonstrates superior sharpness and is highly effective at preventing grinding burnings as well as achieving high precision and a longer usable life.


  • Cutting ability can be improved.
  • Significant improvements in grinding precision with stable cutting.
  • Effective in situations where chatter marks and grinding burnings are easily produced.

Case Study

Grinding method Wet thrust surface grinding
Wheel size 380D×16T×80H
Wheel speed 80m/s
Material FCD700
Stock removal 0.25 mm
Accuracy requirements Surface roughness: 3.2 mm Rz; absence of grinding burnings
Wheel wear Workpiece count before grinding burnings are produced

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