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Internal Grinding CBN Wheel "XAP Wheel"

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Internal Grinding CBN Wheel “XAP Wheel”The XAP Wheel is a vitrified-bond CBN wheel that demonstrates the stable, high-accuracy grinding after dressing, and is developed for high-efficiency internal grinding.


  • Cutting ability can be improved by lower grinding resistance.
  • Significant improvement in grinding precision with stable cutting.
  • High-efficiency grinding is achieved.


  • Grinding bore and seat face of fuel injection.
  • Grinding track and the internal diameter of ball bearings.

Wheel Structure and Cross-section

Structural Image

Standard wheel XAP Wheel

Standard wheel

XAP Wheel

Cross-sectional photographs

Standard wheel XAP Wheel

Standard wheel

XAP Wheel

Grinding data

Wheel Standard products (CB325M180VN1)
XAP (CB325M180VXAP1)
Wheel size 25D × 14T × 11H
Machine Internal grinder
Wheel speed 45 m/s
Workpiece SUJ-2
Workpiece size o29.7H×13T
Workpiece speed 1.25 m/s
Grinding efficiency 0.3 m3/m-s
Roughness Ra After dressing

Wheel wear


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