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Vitrified-Bonded Wheel for Precision Grinding "LIFE KING"

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Precision Grinding Vitrified-bond Wheel “Life King”

"Life King" is developed by a specific combination of a new abrasive grain "TA" with an exclusive bond "VLK1" and "VLK2" for superior holding/bonding force.
The dress interval is improved, and the wheel life is extended because the abrasive grains do not wear easily and an out standing cutting edge is sustained longer.
High -efficiency grinding is achived due to high abrasion resistant "TA"grain(Each graing maintains a sharp cutting edge longer.).Therefore minimizing thermal damage. 

Grinding Data

SCM cylindrical plunge grinding

Grinding method Wet cylindrical plunge grinding
Workpiece Tempered SCM435 HRc48 (φ50×T10)
Wheel speed 60m/s
Grinding efficiency 9m/min
Coolant Z‘=2
Dresser □0.8 LL dresser
Dress lead 0.6mm/r.o.w.
Dress cut depth 20μm/pass×5pass

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