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ZerustZerust is a revolutionary corrosion-prevention method that improves upon standard methods that involve the application of oil. It provides long-lasting corrosion prevention under harsh environments and contributes to the improvement of both corrosion-prevention costs and the work environment.


  • Long-lasting corrosion prevention (when exported: 1–2 years, when stored: 3–5 years)
    *Varies according to storage environment.
  • Compatible with various metals.
  • Outstanding workability and safety.


Zerust Film

Zerust FilmSpecial films for highly corrosion-prone steel; special films for non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, tin, lead and copper that are prone to corrosion; suitable for a wide variety of corrosion-prevention needs, including machinery, automobiles, metal molds and components.

Zerust Aircell

Zerust AircellZerust Aircell provides an excellent buffer effect and is ideal for giving corrosion protection to large machinery and precision components that are sensitive to shocks.

Zerust ESD Shield

Zerust ESD ShieldZerust ESD Shield protects electronic components against static electricity and oxidation. The presence of a surfactant gives it excellent conductivity, and because it is semitransparent, internal contents can be instantly distinguished.

Zerust Stretch Film

Zerust Stretch FilmZerust Stretch Film is a special stretchable, elastic film that exhibits excellent adhesion. It can be used for winding machines for iron coils and general components.

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