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Corporate Principles

Aiming to be a Good Corporate Citizen

In the globalization of business, every corporation is strictly demanded to fulfill the social responsibilities as the impacts of its products and services on humans and the environment are constantly increased. Noritake has continued to exhibit and maintain the approach to business and the relationship with society in accordance with "The Creed of Our Company" formed when the company was founded. Reorganized in our "Corporate Motto" and Noritake Group's "Cord of Ethics," these principles are being disseminated throughout the company to all employees of the Noritake Group.

[The Creed of Our Company]

The Creed of Our Company

In 1909, Ichizaemon Morimura, one of Noritake's founders, set down "The Creed of Our Company," the philosophy to which our company was to adhere. Outlining concepts such as "Harmonious Coexistence and Co-prosperity," "Social Contribution," "Trust First," and "Integrity and Cooperation," this spirit has been upheld to this day, in the conduct of every member of the company.

[Corporate Motto]

Corporate Motto

[Noritake Group's "Code of Ethics"]

As based in "The Creed of Our Company", this code expresses the standards of conduct and awareness regarding corporate activity that, as a good corporate citizen in modern society, the company must maintain at all times. It provides the guiding principles in corporate conduct for all executives and employees of the Noritake Group companies.


Ethics Standards

  1. Corporate mission practices of "good quality, export, and co-prosperity"
  2. Compliance with laws and societal ethics
  3. Respect for employee's human rights
  4. Preservation of the earth's environment and contributions toward maintaining affluent, livable local communities
  5. Provision of information to shareholders, customers, and the local community
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