Corporate Principles

Aiming to be a Good Corporate Citizen

In the globalization of business, every corporation is strictly demanded to fulfill the social responsibilities as the impacts of its products and services on humans and the environment are constantly increased. Noritake has continued to exhibit and maintain the approach to business and the relationship with society in accordance with "The Creed of Our Company" formed when the company was founded. Reorganized in our "Corporate Motto" and Noritake Group's "Code of Ethics," these principles are being disseminated throughout the company to all employees of the Noritake Group.

The Creed of Our Company

The Creed of Our Company
  • 海外貿易は四海兄弟人権拡張共同幸福を得て永く世界の平和を保ち
  • 私利を不楽一身を犠牲とし後世国民の発注するを楽とするを目的とす
  • 至誠を心とし信実を旨とし約束を違へさる事
  • うそをつかず慢心 いかり 驕り 怠り 私欲を慎む事
  • 身をけがすなかれ朋友は肉身より大切なり
  • 和合共力する時は其功徳金銭杯の及ぶ所にあらず終生の神霊なり
  • 天の道を信ずべし天は人の為に万物を経営し寸時も休む事なし


In 1909, Ichizaemon Morimura, one of Noritake's founders, set down "The Creed of Our Company," the philosophy to which our company was to adhere. Outlining concepts such as "Harmonious Coexistence and Co-prosperity," "Social Contribution," "Trust First," and "Integrity and Cooperation," this spirit has been upheld to this day, in the conduct of every member of the company.

Corporate Motto

Corporate Motto

Noritake Group's "Code of Ethics"

As based in "The Creed of Our Company", this code expresses the standards of conduct and awareness regarding corporate activity that, as a good corporate citizen in modern society, the company must maintain at all times. It provides the guiding principles in corporate conduct for all executives and employees of the Noritake Group companies.


Noritake Group's Code of Ethics (Ethics Standards)

  1. Put in practices Noritake's corporate motto of "Good Quality, Export, and Co-prosperity"
  2. Observe the laws, regulations and social norms
  3. Respect the human rights of employees
  4. Preserve the global environment and contribute to affluent and comfortable local communities
  5. Disclose information to shareholders,customers, and local communities

Sustainability Fundamental Policy

The Noritake group’s management philosophy has been based on the founder’s spirit - “contributing to society through our business operations”, and we have been expanding our business under the corporate motto “Good Quality, Export and Co-prosperity”.
We continue to aim to make a sustainable society into practice and at the same time enhance the corporate value.

  1. We engage in business activities that contribute to the reduction of impact on the global environment.
  2. We develop and provide products and services that contribute to a convenient society and people’s well-being.
  3. We conduct appropriate information disclosure and engage in dialogue with stakeholders.
  4. We strengthen governance and build a firmer management foundation.

Noritake Group Sustainability Fundamental Policy382KB

Basic Policy of Safety and Health

The Noritake Group actively works to create safe and comfortable working environments where employees gain satisfaction from their work with the recognition that protecting the safety and health of all our employees is the most important foundation of our corporate activities.

  1. We prioritize safety and health over everything else.
  2. We observe laws and company rules regarding safety and health and work to improve the standard of safety and health management.
  3. We strive to maintain and improve good communication and ensure the participation of all employees.

Environmental Policies

The Noritake Group, as a company that manufactures products based on its founding spirit of "Good Quality, Export and Co-prosperity," positions the preservation of the global environment as an important management issue, and is contributing to the achievement of a "sustainable society" through its business activities.

  1. We will strive to develop and provide environmentally-friendly products and services.
  2. We will endeavor to reduce environmental burden in all processes of our business activities. In particular, we will strive to achieve the goals set for the reduction of CO2 generation, resource saving, waste reduction, and recycling, and to manage hazardous substances appropriately.
  3. We will build Environmental Management Systems from a global perspective and strive to reduce environmental burdens continually.
  4. We will comply with environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements.
  5. We will disclose information about our environmental activities and enhance our communication activities with stakeholders.

Quality Policy

Based on the corporate motto of "Good Quality, Export and Co-prosperity", the Noritake Group strives to earn the trust and meet the expectations of customers around the world by providing quality products and services that satisfy our customers.

  1. We provide safe and secure products and services from customers’ viewpoint.
  2. Each and every person in all our organizations continues to work on quality improvements.
  3. We comply with laws, regulations, and requirements related to products and services.
  4. We appropriately disclose necessary information for our customers.

Noritake Group Quality Policy377KB

Purchasing Policy

Based on Noritake’s corporate motto of “Good Quality, Export, and Co-prosperity”, we will engage in purchasing activities aimed at continually providing our customers with good products and services deemed satisfactory to them. Furthermore, by building trusting relationships aimed at co-prosperity with our suppliers, we will proactively fulfill our corporate social responsibility in cooperation with our suppliers, that is:

  1. We will keep our doors open impartially and globally to all suppliers and conduct fair transactions in good faith.
  2. When selecting suppliers, we will do so by making an overall judgment that includes reviews on not only quality, price, and delivery time, but also their stance towards corporate social responsibility.
  3. We will deepen mutual trust with suppliers we deem reliable in order to achieve co-prosperity.
  4. We will comply with the laws and regulations as well as social norms of each country and region while conducting business based on highly ethical standards.
  5. We will perform environmentally friendly purchasing in line with Environmental Policy of the Noritake Group.

Noritake Group Purchasing Policy386KB

Based on the Noritake Purchasing Policy, we established the Noritake Group Purchasing Guidelines.
We will continue to further promote responsible purchasing activities.

Noritake Group Purchasing Guidelines931KB

Human Rights Policy

The Noritake group’s management philosophy has been based on the founder's spirit - “contributing to society through our business operations”, and we have been conducting business activities with the aim of becoming a company that promotes the well-being of people and communities.
We recognize that human rights of all people must be respected, and will continue to strive to uphold the dignity of anyone affected by our business operations, based on the "International Bill of Human Rights," the "Core Labour Standards" of the International Labour Organization (ILO), and the United Nations "Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights".

Noritake Group Human Rights Policy492KB

Health Management Declaration

The Noritake Group understands the vitality of employees to be the source of corporate vitality, and we actively promote improvements in health for employees and their families.

  • We work to improve health awareness.

    Strengthen health education Foster a mindset that treasures health

  • We work to enhance physical and mental health.

    Promote early detection & early treatment Help improve meals, exercise, sleep and other lifestyle habits Promote refreshment of body and mind

  • We maintain the good work environment.

    Maintain an environment in which everyone can work enthusiastically

Basic policies toward corporate governance

  1. Strive to ensure the rights of shareholders and fairness.
  2. Strive for appropriate cooperation with stakeholders other than shareholders (customers, suppliers, creditors, local communities, employees, etc.).
  3. Strive to ensure appropriate information disclosure and transparency.
  4. Strive to appropriately carry out the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors to enhance sustainable growth of the company and medium- to long-term corporate value.
  5. Strive for constructive dialog with shareholders.


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