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Crank Shaft Grinding CBN Wheel "Σ Wheel"

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Crank Shaft Grinding CBN Wheel “Σ Wheel”

The Σ (sigma) Wheel is the ultimate tool for grinding parts susceptible to grinding burnings (parts such as crank shaft shoulders that have little exposure to coolant during grinding).


  • Noritake’s proprietary CBN wheel technology can lower grinding resistance (and power consumption).
  • Grinding burnings can be significantly reduced and the lifespan of the grinding wheel as well as grinding quality can also be improved.


  • Crank shaft grinding, machining processes that easily produce grinding burnings

Comparison With Existing Wheel

Grinding conditions

Wheel specifications CB100M200VN1
Workpiece SCM435 (HRC48)
Wheel size 380D×16T×80×15U×4X
Test wheel (1) Standard wheel (2) Σ Wheel

Grinding Conditions

Ground surface

Standard wheel

Σ Wheel

Standard wheel


Machining performance and power consumption

Power consumption Grinding burning efficiency

*Standard wheel shown with index of 1.0.

Grinding burnings suppressed even during high-efficiency machining.

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