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OD Blade

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OD BladeAn OD Blade is a metal bond diamond blade used for cutting (cropping, block-sizing and squaring) the silicon ingots used as raw materials for solar cells.
Thanks to improvements in blade straightness, Noritake’s OD Blades are effective in reducing kerf loss. In addition to metal bond blades, Noritake offers electrodeposition blades with outstanding sharpness.


OD BladeCutting performance has been improved through the use of corrugated, segmented blade tips.


TypeGrit sizeOuter diameterThickness of grain layer
Metal bond type #40-#200 φ400mm 2.5
φ450mm 3.2
φ500mm 3.4
φ560mm 3.4
φ600mm 4.0
φ800mm 4.5
φ915mm 4.5
φ1250mm 5.5

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