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High-Accuracy Resinoid Wheel "Flatdy"

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High-Accuracy Resinoid Wheel “Flatdy”The Flatdy is a disc grinding wheel with a new bond system to produce a sharp cutting edge that delivers high quality, long life and high efficiency.


  • Stable cutting ability maintained by continuous honing of the cutting edge.
  • Grinding load absorbed via newly-developed high shock-absorbing bond.
  • Reduction in defects (burning, breaking, deformation), enabling high precision to be maintained.


  • Double disk grinding (bearings, connecting rods, rings, etc.)

Production Range

Abrasive material Conventional grain, ceramic grain
Grit size F30-F220
Hardness D – N
Size Outer diameter: up to 915 mm
Thickness: up to 90 mm
Bond type BHXS1, B137X

Grinding Data

Comparison to standard wheels (size: φ585 × 65 × 195; machine: vertical surface grinder; workpiece: FC)

Note: Standard wheel shown with index of 100.

Power consumption Dressing interval
Size variability  

The Flatdy grinding surface suffers little grain abrasion, contributing to low power consumption, and its fine surface finishing ensures negligible variations in workpiece dimensions.

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