High-Accuracy Resinoid Wheel "Flatdy"

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High-Accuracy Resinoid Wheel “Flatdy”

The Flatdy is a disc grinding wheel with a new bond system to produce a sharp cutting edge that delivers high quality, long life and high efficiency.


  • Stable cutting ability maintained by continuous honing of the cutting edge.
  • Grinding load absorbed via newly-developed high shock-absorbing bond.
  • Reduction in defects (burning, breaking, deformation), enabling high precision to be maintained.


  • Double disk grinding (bearings, connecting rods, rings, etc.)

Production Range

Abrasive material Conventional grain, ceramic grain
Grit size F30-F220
Hardness D – N
Size Outer diameter: up to 915 mm
Thickness: up to 90 mm
Bond type BHXS1, B137X

Grinding Data

Comparison to standard wheels (size: φ585 × 65 × 195; machine: vertical surface grinder; workpiece: FC)

Note: Standard wheel shown with index of 100.

  • Power consumption
  • Dressing interval
  • Size variability

The Flatdy grinding surface suffers little grain abrasion, contributing to low power consumption, and its fine surface finishing ensures negligible variations in workpiece dimensions.