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Super Toucher

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Super Toucher DRS-SBRA dedicated dressing system for vitrified-bond CBN wheels.

Super Toucher is able to detect the initial point of contact between the wheel and dresser. Its contact sensor function uses an AE sensor installed on the dresser to convert AE waves, produced as grains are crushed by contact between the wheel and dresser, into electrical signals. This feature eliminates unnecessary dressing and truing and keeps running costs to a minimum.


Main Functions
・Contact sensor function
Detects the precise moment when the dresser head comes into contact with the wheel.
・Flatness evaluation function
Evaluates whether the wheel is flat or not across its entire width while dressing.


  • Forward and reverse rotation make it possible to establish optimum grinding conditions
  • Able to be used in areas with high amounts of grinding splinters thanks to special waterproof construction and air cleaning mechanism
  • Able to detect contact between wheel and dresser within 1 to 2μm
  • Choice of dresser shapes (SBR, MBR)

Choose the type below based on the wheel size.

TypeDresser diameterRotation speedReference wheel sizeComments
DRS-SBR (small) φ50mm 5,000-20,000min-1 φ3mm-φ150mm Non-fluid type
DRS-MBR (medium) φ75mm 5,000-20,000min-1 Max φ300mm Non-fluid type
DRS-LB (large) φ100mm 5,000-20,000min-1 Max φ600mm Fluid type

AE Sensor System (ADS-50)

Super Toucher ASD-50

The AE Sensor System (ADS-50) is capable of detecting AE waves from 100 to 400 kHz. It includes a contact sensor function, a flatness sensor function, and a workpiece gap eliminator function. By automating your dressing system and reducing dressing to a minimum, you can achieve reliable grinding performance and make effective use of your vitrified-bond CBN wheels.



Display monitorDresser diameterAE sensor
MNT-A PRA-40-8
AE-304SO Perpendicular type Optional: magnetic holder (SHO-1)
AE-304AO Straight type  
AE-304AO-B Unit type Includes sensor fluid supply port
AE-304SO-B Block type With bolt holes
AE-304AO-F Flange type Includes self-diagnostic air supply port


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