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Ceramics & Materials

Realizing more potentials of ceramics leads us to the forefront sectors

Ceramics & MaterialsWith a basis on the ceramic related technologies such as raw materials refining, molding, printing and baking, our business covers a broad range of areas. Widely ranging from traditional to advanced ceramics, our products line includes raw materials for ceramics industry, engineering ceramics, plaster and dental materials. These products are indispensable to the fields of automotive, energy and medical, as widely used in multilayer ceramic capacitors, automobiles electronic control systems and ceramic teeth and so on. With our another focus on the new fields of applications, such as solar cells and fuel cells, we will strive to develop high quality products in full use of our originality.

[Principal products]
・Thick Film Materials ・Dental Materials ・Engineering Ceramics ・Gypsum 
・Decoration Materials ・Electronic Ceramic Powder ・Electronic Paste
・Thick Film Circuit Substrates ・Vacuum Fluorescent Display

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Ceramics & Materials: Latest Updates

Aug 31, 2012
Notice on Sales Reorganization in Thailand for Southeast Asian Countries - Planning efficient sales by integrating manufacturing and sales -
Jul 06, 2012
Completion of a New Diamond/CBN Grinding Tool Plant in Thailand(A New Manufacturing Base for an Emerging Asian Market)
Jun 07, 2012
Expansion of Gypsum Facility In Thailand(To meet the increasing gypsum demand in Asia)

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