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Industrial Products

Aiming to be the best manufacturer of grinding and polishing tools

Industrial ProductsBeing the largest grinding and polishing tool manufacturer in Japan, Noritake has supported key domestic industries such as the automotive, steel, and bearing manufactures, behind the scenes with its world leading technology. Using our molding, firing and other fundamental technologies, we provide various grinding and polishing products, such as grinding wheels, CBN and diamond tools and coated abrasive, for a broad range of customers. In recent years, we have developed products that only a leading company can produce, and demonstrated our integrated strength to the IT industries where highly precise and efficient processing is required. We are also actively implementing comprehensive services that include recycling of used abrasives and developing software.

[Principal Products]

・Resinoid Grinding Wheels ・Related Products
・Vitrified CBN and Diamond Wheels ・Polishing Tools

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