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Facility Guide

About Noritake Garden

A forest created for the next 100 years to come

A forest created for the next 100 years to come

Noritake’s history began in 1904 with a single dinner plate. Since then, Noritake has continued to make elegant and dynamic tableware in the same city under the same principles. In commemorating the 100th anniversary of Noritake Co., Limited., Noritake Garden was opened on October 5, 2001 on the premises of Noritake’s headquarters, the very birthplace of modern pottery.
The facility, located in central Nagoya, boasts a land area of 22,000 square meters. It is divided into three zones: the Culture Zone, where you can discover culture, the Commercial Zone, a place to enjoy daily living, and the Historical Zone, a place to experience history, all of which are surrounded by lush greenery. Through this facility, we hope to contribute to the promotion of the tourism industry and the natural environment, as well as attempt to contribute to the local community and concretize our gratitude.
We have up until now and will continue to focus broadly on lifestyle culture and the creation of a truly affluent consumer lifestyle. We hope you will continue to take pleasure in the essence of Noritake’s craftsmanship, traditions, and arts fostered here and savor the excitement of new creations to your hearts desire.

History of Awards

Noritake Garden has received various awards. We have been honored because of your kind support and patronage. Below is a list of awards that have been presented to Noritake Garden.

Name of Award: 2002 Nagoya City Cityscape Award
Organizer: City of Nagoya

The Nagoya City Cityscape Award is created in hopes of raising public awareness and understanding and creating a pleasant cityscape through a partnership with the citizens and businesses of Nagoya. For more information on this award, please visit the official website of the City of Nagoya.
Name of Award: The 18th Urban Park Contest Chairman of Parks and Open Space Association of Japan Award (Facilities, Materials and Construction Methods Category)
Organizer: Parks and Open Space Association of Japan

The Urban Park Contest recognizes outstanding projects in urban park design, construction and management in their level of engineering, construction and management. It aims to contribute to the improvement of the engineering and sound development of urban parks. To learn more about the contest, please visit the official website of the Parks and Open Space Association of Japan.
Name of Award: The 23rd Green City Award, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Awards
Co-Organizers: Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure and Yomiuri Shimbun

The Green City Award aims to create a green urban environment and city for tomorrow. It recognizes outstanding citizen organizations, businesses and public organizations involved in improving the environment and cityscape through planting greenery such as trees and flowers and aims to promote urban greening and greenery conservation in creating a comfortable urban living environment. To learn more about the award, please visit the official website of the Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure.
Name of Award: Good Design Award
Organizer: Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization

The Good Design Award provides fair evaluation on industrial design products from the standpoint of their social and cultural value, and aims to promote advancement in industrial activities and contributions to human society through such recognition. To learn more about the award, please visit the official website of the Good Design Award.

Greenery Area for Social & Environmental contribution


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