Research and Development

Focusing on the future needs of our customers, we will continue to further improve our technology.

The roots of Noritake's technology stretch back over 100 years when techniques for manufacturing tableware were developed.
The passion for manufacturing from those times has been passed down from generation to generation. We have continued to make efforts to bring out the various characteristics of ceramics and have introduced new products to the world.
While always focusing on the leading edge of the time, we will continue to work on the development of technologies and products that fulfill the needs of the customers around the world.

Company Organization

Research & Development Center and technical departments at each business group work together to develop new technologies and products. In addition, we actively collaborate with universities, external research institutes and national projects to take on the challenge of advanced technology development.

Role of the Research & Development Center

Our aim is to progress research and development that will contribute and will lead to the sustainable growth of the society.

  • We will promote the development of differentiated inorganic materials and their applied products.
  • Development of new products in advanced fields such as the environment, electronics and well-being.


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