Executive team

Member of the Board

Representative Director & Chairman Tadashi Ogura
Representative Director & President Hiroshi Kato
DirectorAkira Higashiyama
DirectorYuko Fuma
Director (Outside)Masanao Tomozoe
Director (Outside)Ryoichi Yamamoto

Audit & Supervisory Board

Audit & Supervisory Board MemberSumihito Sago
Audit & Supervisory Board MemberKazumasa Yoshida
Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Outside)Tatsuhiko Saruwatari
Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Outside)Takashi Morisaki

Executive Officer*Also hold the position of director

PresidentHiroshi Kato*
Senior Managing Executive OfficerAkira Higashiyama*
Senior Managing Executive OfficerShuji Shite
Managing Executive OfficerAkira Nagata
Managing Executive OfficerMasahiko Horie
Managing Executive Officer Hiroshi Yorita
Managing Executive Officer Makoto Okabe
Executive OfficerYuko Fuma*
Executive OfficerTomoaki Maeda
Executive OfficerNaoyuki Ukai
Executive OfficerHiroyuki Murai
Executive OfficerYoshimasa Nakamura
Executive OfficerKenichi Ichikawa
Executive OfficerMunenari Mizukuchi
Executive OfficerTomoharu Kondo
Executive OfficerShinji Kato

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