Corporate Development

1904 - 1939

1904 Established Nippon Toki Gomei Kaisha
1905 Began research and production of high-voltage insulators
1907 Began production of grinding wheels for in-house use
1912 Set up a ceramic laboratory within the main factory and began research and production of sanitary ware
1914 Succeeded in production of the first dinner set in Japan
1915年 Bulk orders for tableware received from the Larkin Company in the USA
1916 Established Gomei Kaisha Nitto Shokai, a domestic tableware distribution company (today's Noritake Tableware Co., Ltd.)
1917 Sanitary Ware Division spun off to become Toyo Toki Co., Ltd. (today's TOTO Ltd.)
Established Nippon Toki Kaisha
Nippon Toki Gomei Kaisha was absorbed by Nippon Toki Kaisha
1919 The electric insulator division spun off to become NGK Insulators Ltd.
Established Okura Art China, Inc.
1932 Began research and production of bone china
1936 The raw material division spun off to become Kyoritsu Materials Co., Ltd. (today's KCM Corporation)
1939 Began full-scale production of industrial grinding wheels

1940 - 1969

1946 Established Nippon Bone Light Works Ltd. (today's Noritake Recycle Center Co., Limited)
1947 Established Noritake Co., Inc. in the USA (distribution of tableware)
1957 Set the company's motto, "Good quality, Export and Co-prosperity"
1958 Established Noritake Grinding Tools Sales Co., Ltd. (today's Zen Noritake Co., Ltd.)
Established Noritake (Australia) Pty. Limited (distribution of tableware)
1959 Invested in Hiroshima Grinding Industries Co., Ltd. (production of grinding wheels)
1960 Began operation of Kamori Plant (production of resinoid grinding wheels)
1962 Established Noritake Machinery Co., Ltd. (production of grinding machines)
1963 Established Nippon Coated Abrasive Co., Ltd. (production of coated abrasive)
(today's Noritake Coated Abrasive Co., Limited)
1964 Began operation of Miyoshi Plant (production of tableware) (today's Miyoshi Site)
1967 Ise Electronics Corporation developed Vacuum Fluorescent Displays
Established Imari Togyo Co., Ltd. (production of tableware) (renamed to Noritake Imari Co., Ltd. in 1993)
Established Kyushu Toki Co., Ltd. (production of tableware) (renamed to Noritake Kyuto Co., Ltd. in 1993)
Developed printing technology for thick film circuits
1968 Established Tokyo Grinding Wheels Co., Ltd. (production of general-purpose grinding wheels)
Established Noritake Canada Limited (distribution of tableware)
1969 Established Kyushu Noritake Co., Ltd. (production of electronic components)

1970 - 1979

1970 Established Noritake (U.K.) Limited (distribution of tableware)
Co-invested with Gifuseito in the establishment of Tono Grinding Co., Ltd. (production of grinding wheels)
1971 Established Noritake Engineering Co., Ltd. (production of filtration systems)
Succeeded in developing the world's first vitrified CBN grinding wheel
1972 Established Lanka Porcelain (Private) Limited in Sri Lanka (production of tableware) (today's Noritake Lanka Porcelain (Private) Limited)
Established Noritake Diamond Industries Corporation (production of diamond tools)
1973 Began production of strengthened porcelain, Primadura
1974 Merged with Sherwood Refractories Inc. of the USA to establish Noritake Sherwood Co., Ltd. (production and distribution of ceramic cores)
Management participation in Ise Electronics Corporation (production of Vacuum Fluorescent Displays) (today's Noritake Itron Corporation)
1975 Launched the Noritake Roller Hearth Kiln
1976 Established Noritake Computer Center Co., Ltd.
1978 Developed the world's first thick film thermal pen
1979 Began operation of the Craft Center (production of tableware)
Established Noritake Kizai Co., Ltd. (production and distribution of electronic paste and ceramic equipment)

1980 - 1989

1980 Noritake Diamond Industries Corporation acquired capital in Queen Diamond Co., Ltd. to become a group company (production of diamond dressers)
1981 Nippon Toki Co., Ltd. was renamed to NORITAKE CO., LIMITED
1983 Developed far-infrared ceramic heaters
1987 Established Noritake Europa GmbH in Germany (distribution of industrial products and electronic components)
1988 Established Noritake Taipei Co., Ltd. in Taiwan (distribution of chemical engineering equipment)
1989 Established Miyoshi Ceramics Co., Ltd. (production of fine ceramics)

1990 - 1999

1991 Established Noritake Hong Kong Limited (distribution of electronic components)
1992 Established Noritake Singapore Pte. Ltd. (distribution of electronic components)
Formed the Environmental Protection Promotion Committee
1993 Developed the world's first Rib-Grid Vacuum Fluorescent Display
1995 Established The Siam Moulding Plaster Co., Ltd. in Thailand (production of casting gypsum) (today's NORITAKE SCG PLASTER PLASTER CO., LTD.)
Established Pt. Noritake Indonesia (production of ceramic electronic components)
1996 Established NORITAKE SA (THAILAND) CO., LTD. (distribution of casting gypsum and industrial products)
1997 Established ITRON (U.K.) Limited (distribution of Vacuum Fluorescent Displays)
Opened Noritake Square Atsugi
1998 Established Noritake Dental Supply Co., Limited (distribution of dental materials)
(today's Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc.)

2000 - Present

2000 Consolidated Noritake Imari Co., Ltd. and Noritake Kyuto Co., Ltd. to establish Noritake China Mfg. Co., Limited (production of tableware)
2001 51% of KCM Corporation was acquired to become a group company (production and distribution of ceramic raw materials and various types of electronic components)
Opened Noritake Garden
2002 Established the holding company system
Established Noritake Bonded Abrasive Co., Limited (production and distribution of grinding wheels)
Established Siam Coated Abrasive Co., Ltd in Thailand (production and distribution of coated abrasive)
2003 Acquired 51% share of Toshiba Ceramic Furnace and renamed it to Noritake TCF Co., Ltd. (production and distribution of industrial furnaces)
2004 100th anniversary of foundation
Established Noritake Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd. in China (distribution of industrial products)
2007 Launched high-performance firing furnaces for the production process of solar cells
2008 Launched MAXSUNNY, electrode paste for solar cells
2009 Established the Changzhou Eging Solar-paste Manufacturing Co., Ltd in China (for the production and sales of electronic paste for solar cells)
Noritake Engineering Co., Ltd., Noritake China Mfg. Co., Limited, Noritake Tableware Co., Ltd., and Tokyo Grinding Wheels Co., Ltd. merge with NORITAKE CO., LIMITED
2010 Noritake Kizai Co., Ltd. and Noritake Ceramics Co., Ltd. merge with NORITAKE CO., LIMITED.
Establishment of a collective test center for lithium ion batteries and heating equipment for fuel cell materials.
2011 Noritake Bonded Abrasive Co., Ltd. and Noritake Super Abrasive Co., Ltd. merge with NORITAKE CO., LIMITED.
Established NORITAKE SA(THAILAND)CO., LTD.(production and distribution of diamond and CBN tools)
Opened a tabletop showroom in Shanghai.
10th anniversary of Noritake Garden.
Established NORITAKE ABRASIVE (SUZHOU)CO., LTD.(production of grinding wheels)
2012 Opened a tabletop shop "Noritake Ginza" in Tokyo.
2014 Relocated a plant for the production of grinding wheels from headquarter to Miyoshi site.
Nippon Resibon Corporation became a consolidated subsidiary.
2018 NIHON FUREKI SANGYO Co., Ltd. became a consolidated subsidiary.


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