Corporate Philosophy

Invaluable lessons from Noritake's founders

Noritake's history begins in the late 1800s, a heady age for Japan as the country emerged from centuries of isolation to interact with the rest of the world.
The company's founder, Ichizaemon Morimura, spurred by a desire to prevent Japan's wealth from being drained out of the country and buoyed by advice from scholar Yukichi Fukuzawa, a prominent leader of Japan's development at the time, set up an international trade business with the idea of generating wealth for the country and happiness for its people.

Trading with the outside world, Ichizaemon and his comrades met the beautiful, white porcelain of Europe which attracted their attention.
They longed to manufacture this work of art with exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable whiteness in Japan, and to contribute to society through their business.

In 1904, at the site of Noritake's current company headquarters, they established a ceramics factory, brimming with modern production equipment, and set about making authentic western style tableware.
Producing 25 cm plates, a core item of any dinner set, proved to be a challenge. The company's engineers and executives put their heads together to come up with a solution. After ten long years of research, they finally completed Noritake's first dinner set, named “SEDAN”. This was, Japan's first domestically produced dinner set.

SEDAN established Noritake as a global tableware brand.
Through the technologies we acquired through producing tablewares, Noritake developed new technologies and expanded its business to various fields.

Invaluable lessons from Noritake's founders

Philosophy system

The Noritake Creed

In 1909, Ichizaemon Morimura, one of Noritake's founders, set down "The Noritake Creed," the philosophy to which our company is to adhere. Outlining concepts such as "Harmonious Coexistence and Co-prosperity," "Social Contribution," "Trust First," and "Integrity and Cooperation," have been upheld to this day, conducted by every member of the company.


Corporate Motto

Corporate Motto

Noritake Group's Code of Ethics

Ethics Standards
  • Put in practice Noritake's corporate motto of “Good Quality, Export, and Co-prosperity”
  • Observe the laws, regulations and social norms
  • Respect the human rights of employees
  • Preserve the global environment and contribute to affluent and comfortable local communities
  • Disclose information to shareholders, customers, and local communities