Fixed Abrasive Polishing Tools


As the world move towards to reduce emissions of CO2, hybrid cars and fuel-cell vehicles are achieving more and more focus. Motor controllers on these motor-driven cars comprise components called power semiconductors. Power semiconductors currently adopt single crystal silicon substrates, but it is said that single-crystal SiC (silicon carbide) will become mainstream as it is efficient with a low heat release value and enables downsizing of final products. For making this device, the surface of single-crystal SiC requires mirror-like finishing. However, because single-crystal SiC is a very hard material, it takes much time to polish with the commonly used loose abrasive polishing process and leads to high costs.
Having this situation, Noritake has been working on to develop loosely held abrasive polishing tools called LHA pad. The special feature of the LHA (Loosely Held Abrasive) pad is that abrasives are held in very detailed, network-style resin. When polishing, abrasives roll through the resin and contact the work object evenly. It enables both high efficiency and high quality at the same time, which was impossible with conventional method.

Two work processes were required for conventional style; first process to polish efficiently and second process to achieve high-quality, smooth surface. With our LHA pad, we can polish both efficiently and smoothly at the same time, which results to the shortening of the work processes. In addition, because the LHA pad does not require slurry, it enables great waste reduction.
Furthermore, the LHA pad shows great performance with not only SiC, but also with various materials (e.g. Si, glass, GaN).


■Cross-Sectional Structure of LHA Pad

Cross-Sectional Structure of LHA Pad
Cross-Sectional Structure of LHA Pad
Example of palishing 6inch SiC wafer (Pressure:30kPa,Rataring speed:35rpm,wirkpiece:6inch × 3 pieces)

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