Environmental Policies

Environmental Activities

Basic Principles

The creed of Noritake, i.e. the principles of quality products and co-prosperity from a global viewpoint, provides a basis for consideration for the global environment. Noritake endeavors to develop a clean production process and green products with less environmental impact so as to provide society with products and services that are gentle to people and the environment.

Environmental Policies

The Noritake Group has formulated a written policy regarding environmental conservation, and we are publically declaring that policy to promote global environmental conservation activities.

  1. The Noritake Group will realize environmental conservation by instituting an environmental management system and will promote ongoing improvements as well as ceaselessly striving to prevent environmental pollution.
  2. Noritake is actively pushing forward with the development of environmentally friendly products by introducing environmentally friendly materials, ingredients and techniques.
  3. Noritake is exceeding their responsibility under environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements by establishing its own company standards and abiding by them.
  4. In order to carry out environment-related efforts, Noritake is setting environmental goals and objects, and promoting environmental conservation activities to be carried out in stages.
  5. In order to have all its employees actively involved in environmental efforts, Noritake will institute systematic environmental education and endeavor to raise environmental conservation awareness.