ESG Initiatives

The Noritake Group seeks to contribute to society under the fundamental thinking of our Corporate Motto that call for fulfilling our roles in making all-our efforts to manufacture the finest quality products (Good Quality), pursuing internationalism and contributions to society based on our global vision (Export), a nd growing and developing together with society as a good corporate citizen (Co-prosperity). We have established the Noritake Gr oup's Code of Ethics as a guiding principle by which all employees can take action with moderation, integrity, and high ambition based on our Corporate Motto. Furthermor e, we have established and will engage in our ESG Pr omotion Items, to build a sustainable and better social envir onment together with our stakeholders through our everyday corporate activities.

Corporate motto

Good Quality
Making all-out efforts to manufacture the finest quality products
Pursuing internationalism and contribute to society from a global perspective
Growing and developing together with society as a good corporate citizen

Noritake Group's Code of Ethics

Put in practices Noritake's corporate motto of "Good Quality, Export, and Co-prosperity"
In accordance with the Company's corporate motto, "Good Quality, Export and Co-prosperity," we shall develop and offer outstanding products and services throughout the world, giving full consideration to their safety. In this manner, the Group can grow with its customers and contribute widely to society as a good corporate citizen.
Observe the laws, regulations and social norms
We shall observe laws, regulations and social norms. The Group shall promote fair, transparent and free competition, and engage in sensible business activities. Moreover, and without exception, the Group shall not be involved with any antisocial forces or organizations that obstruct sound business practices.
Respect the human rights
of employees
We shall respect the fundamental human rights of its employees, and engage in no practices of unjust discrimination due to age, gender, origin, nationality, race, disability, religion, supporting political party, etc. Furthermore, the Group shall safeguard employees' health while maintaining a safe and hygienic working environment.
Preserve the global environment and contribute to affluent and comfortable local communities
We shall do its utmost to help preserve the global environment against deterioration and promote efficient use of limited natural resources. At the same time, we will contribute to creating local communities that offer abundant and comfortable lifestyles.
Disclose information to shareholders, customers, and local communities
Noritake shall actively and impartially disclose corporate information not only to its shareholders but also to society as a whole.
Core subjects
Promotion items Details
Organizational governance Practice Corporate Motto and observe the laws, regulations and social norms

●Promote our Corporate Philosophy

●Establish governance structure

●Utilize the whistle-blowing system

●Observe business-related laws and regulations

●Prevent corruption

●Enhance intellectual property education

Human rights Respect for fundamental human rights and diversity

●Treat human rights with respect

●Promote active participation by women

●Emphasize human resources development

Labor practices Prioritization of safety and health over everything else

●Promote occupational safety and health activities

●Respect work-life balance

The environment Preservation of the global environment and achievement of a sustainable society

●Enhance products that contribute to the environment

●Reduce CO2 and wastes

Fair operating practices Disclosure of information to stakeholders

●Disclose information timely and accurately

Consumer issues Provision of finest quality products and services

●Strengthen manufacturing activities

●Sustainable business development

Community involvement and development Achievement of affluent and comfortable local communities

●Coexist with local communities

●Continue supporting foreign students

●Promote regional contribution activities

  • Together with the Global Environment
  • Together with Society
  • Together with Shareholders and Investors
  • Together with Business Partners
  • Together with Customers
  • Together with Employees