Sustainability Fundamental Policy / Sustainability Promotion System

The Noritake Group is developing and reinforcing its sustainability management structure, and accelerating efforts in order to resolve social issues to move toward the realization of a sustainable society. The following “Sustainability Fundamental Policy” was established in April 2023.

Sustainability Fundamental Policy

The Noritake group’s management philosophy has been based on the founder's spirit - “contributing to society through our business operations”, and we have been expanding our business under the corporate motto “Good Quality, Export and Co-prosperity”.
We continue to aim to make a sustainable society into practice and at the same time enhance the corporate value.

  1. We engage in business activities that contribute to the reduction of impact on the global environment.
  2. We develop and provide products and services that contribute to a convenient society and people’s well-being.
  3. We conduct appropriate information disclosure and engage in dialogue with stakeholders.
  4. We strengthen governance and build a firmer management foundation.

Sustainability promotion system

We recognize that initiatives aimed at addressing issues related to sustainability are key management issues, and established the new “Sustainability Management Committee” in April 2023. The committee, chaired by the president, will establish policies, targets and plans related to sustainability, monitor those initiatives, and provide guidance on required measures. The “Sustainability Management Committee” will promote sustainability management by coordinating efforts with the “Environmental Committee,” “Quality Committee,” “Human Resources Management Committee,” “Compliance Committee,” and “Procurement Committee” that handle more specialized and individual topics. Each committee will comprise executive officers and other management staff as members, to promote initiatives involving relevant personnel from across the company. The “Sustainability Management Committee” meets four times a year, and reports on progress of initiatives and key matters to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors also deliberates on those key matters and supervises the state of progress of initiatives.


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