Thick Film Circuit Substrate with Precious Metal design guidance

Design Guidance for ThickFilm Circuit Substrates mode from Precious Metal.

Thick Film Circuit Substrates Made from Precious Metal: Design Guidance

Items Standards
Substrate Material 96% Alumina
Substrate size 50.4 mm × 50.4 mm to 129 mm × 116 mm (Note 1.)
Long-length: 400 mm × 90 mm
External size tolerance Standard: ±0.8%
Minimum: ±0.3%
When using a laser scribe: ±0.075 mm
Substrate thickness 0.635 mm, 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm (Note 2.)
Substrate thickness tolerance ±10%
Warp tolerance 80μm/inch
Through-hole diameter Minimum: 0.2 mm
Through-hole spacing distance Substrate thickness or greater
Distance from through-holes to substrate edge Substrate thickness or greater
Conductor Material/Conductor resistance Silver (Ag): 2-3mΩ
Silver-palladium (Ag/Pd): 15–50 mΩ
Silver-platinum (Ag/Pt): 2–5 mΩ
Copper (Cu): 1-2 mΩ
Gold (Au): 2–4 mΩ
Platinum (Pt): 40 mΩ
Lines and spacing Standard: 0.3/0.3 mm
Minimum: 0.1/0.1 mm
Distance from conductor to substrate edge ≧0.4 mm
Through-hole land size 1 mm for through-holes φ0.4 mm in diameter
Resistors Resistance 10mΩ-10MΩ
Resistance tolerance Standard: ±5%
Minimum: ±0.1% (Note 3.)
Without trimming: ≥ ±30%
TCR ±100 ppm/°C (Note 4.)
Rated power 310mW/mm2 (Ag/PtorAg/Pd)
Minimum resistor size Width: 0.6 mm
Length: 0.6 mm
Residual width from trimming 1/3 or more
Width of overlap between resistors and conductors 0.2mm
Protective glass Distance from glass to edge of substrate edge ≧0.2mm
Distance from glass to conductor ≧0.2mm
Structure - Single layer, crossover, through-hole
Multi-layer structure

Note 1: Please contact us for substrate sizes not listed above.
Note 2: Please contact us for substrate thicknesses not listed above.
Note 3: When 1% or less, please contact us for further details.
Note 4: Please contact us for further details.


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