Thick Film Circuit Substrate with Copper Conductors design guidance

Item Specification Condition
Conductor Resistivity Cu 2mΩ/□ 20 μm thick equivalent
Adhesion Initial ≧2.5Kg Φ0.6 mm tin-plated copper trace wire
Pad size: 2 mm□
(150°C, 48 hrs)
Solder leach resistance Solder leach ≤ 40 μm Line width: 500 μm
Solder: 62Sn/36Pb/2Ag
235°C, 5 sec, 3 cycles
Item Preferable Available Condition
Resistor Resistance value 10 to 2MΩ    
TCR ±300ppm / °C   -55 to 25°C, 25 to 125°C
±150ppm / °C  
Rated power 40 to 600mW / mm2  
Resistance tolerance ≧±1.0%    
Stability Thermal shock ≦±1.5%   235°C, 10 sec, 1 cycle
H.H.B.T. ≦±2.0%   85°C, 85% RH, 1,000 hours
Thermal cycle ≦±1.5%   -40°C – 150°C, 500 cycles
High-temperature storage ≦±2.0%   150°C, 1,000 hours
  1. Please consult with us about special you may have for fine-pattern traces, highly accurate resistance values, and low TCR boards.
  2. Please consult with us about assembled products,requirements lead pin attachment, etc such as electronic component assembly and.


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