Ceramics & Materials Business

Ceramics & Materials Business

Crushing, mixing, molding, decorating, etc. These are some of the techniques of the Ceramics & Materials Group. We dig deeply into technologies for manufacturing ceramics, to produce one-of-a-kind materials and components.

Main products

The Ceramics & Materials Group is active in a variety of industries with products characterized by high quality, including electronic paste, decalcomania paper, ceramic raw materials, thick film circuit substrate, vacuum fluorescent displays, plaster, ceramic cores, catalyst carriers, and electronic components.

  • Decalcomania Paper
    Decalcomania Paper
  • Electrode paste
    Electrode paste
  • Ceramic Powder for Electronic Components
    Ceramic Powder for
    Electronic Components
  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display
    Vacuum Fluorescent
  • Plaster Products
    Plaster Products
  • Thick Film Circuit Substrate
    Thick Film Circuit
  • Ceramic Cores
    Ceramic Cores
  • Catalyst Carriers
    Catalyst Carriers

Net Sales
Operating profit
Net sales ratio

Business overview of fiscal 2018

In fiscal 2018, both net sales and operating profit increased beyond their levels of the previous fiscal year. This was primarily due to ongoing high multilayer ceramic capacitor demand, and growth in sales of electronic paste and electronic components. We also expanded sales overall, with growth in catalyst carriers, ceramic cores, and plaster, especially overseas.

Future outlook and initiatives

Amid the evolution of communications systems and the growth of electric vehicles, demand for electronic components such as multilayer ceramic capacitors and inductors is expected to expand. Our business will meet this demand through increased production and continuous development of materials for electronic components.
We also foresee expansion in the environmental power generation sector, which we plan to make a new cornerstone of our business by undertaking development of paste for piezoelectric material electrodes.


Catalyst carriers are used in the creation of raw materials for PET bottles, detergents, chemical fibers, and more. Improving their performance both aids the improvement of yields in customers' plants and leads to the reduction of wastes.