Message from Director (Outside)

As a Director (Outside), I am comitted to improving the long-term corporate value of the Noritake Group while always maintaining a neutral stance.

Director (Outside) Masanao Tomozoe

How do you view measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections?

Initially, I think that many people, including myself, held an optimistic view, thinking the impact of infections were only a temporary setback and markets would recover quickly. Yet as COVID-19 spread rapidly around the world and there seemed to be no end in sight, the Board of Directors clearly recognized the risk and revised plans as it moved to devise a more defensive budget. As we made proper management decisions despite the lack of clear solutions, we were able to recover a loss in revenue when the market recovered faster than anticipated by the second half of the year. This experience did not only pushed the move to digitalization within the company, but also increased awareness amongst employees of business risks and opportunities, and defense or offensive strategies. I believe that the Noritake Group has emerged even stronger as a result of the incident.

What do you think about your roles as a Director (Outside) and governance?

I am aware that the responsibilities of Directors (Outside) has increased as revisions were made to the corporate governance code. The Noritake Group has a long history and cherishes the relationship of trust it has built with customers. Making continual improvements to the corporate governance system in line with the Group's management conditions based on the corporate governance code will be essential to ensure its effectiveness on a day-to-day basis. To achieve this, incorporating the views of all stakeholders associated with Noritake, including shareholders, into management through ongoing dialog will be extremely important.
As a Director (Outside), I will continue to provide feedback and point out risks or problems that members may have missed during meetings of the Board of Directors. I am committed to improving the long-term corporate value of the Noritake Group while always maintaining a neutral stance.

What domains should the Noritake Group be focusing on in the future?

Today, companies are more and more questioned on how they can contribute to the society. With this in mind, I think that efforts toward ESG as well as helping to protect the global environment will be essential. Ceramics-related technology, the very core of the Noritake Group, is used in applications like batteries, clean water and atmospheric purification and contributes to the environment in a broad ways. I believe the Noritake Group should put its effort on development associated with SDGs targets or that help to resolve social or environmental issues.

What can be expected to the Noritake Group in the future?

The company operates in four core business areas, employs staff located in many countries around the world, and has a diverse range of customers. Its production and sales network also spans the globe, which means the Noritake Group has contact with a lot of information. I believe that the Noritake Group has the ability to collect, organize and analyze this information in order to create new products that meet trends occurring throughout society. I expect the Noritake Group to make an even greater leap in the global markets.

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