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Noritake Academy [Technology Course]

Structure of Grinding Wheel (Structure and Concentration)
The structures of grinding wheels are explained from the basic in an easy-to-understand manner, with the aid of model diagrams and grinding data.

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Noritake Proposals~Featured Products and Technology~

Uniform Structure Vitrified wheel Enabling “Difficult to cut” materials and High Efficiency Grinding

Super Uniform, NonClotty
Conventional wheel (vitrified-bond)

Noritake has developed homogeneous structure vitrified-bond grinding wheels “Super Uniform” and “NonClotty” with focus on abrasive grain dispersibility to suppress grinding heat and Loading, and improve grinding wheel shape retention.

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"Ultra" Long Life wheel enables both ‘Reducing wheel cost’ and ‘Improving productivity’

CBN wheel (vitrified-bond)

As good cutting ability tends to result in shorter wheel life, Noritake has developed “MEGA-LIFE WHEEL” offering both “cutting ability” and “ultra” long life by focusing on homogeneous structure and high-strength bond.

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Porous structure with improved dispersion that reduces Grinding burns and extends wheel life

CBN wheel (vitrified-bond)

Noritake has developed “VP WHEEL” offering excellent sharpness and long wheel life through the adoption of abrasive grain dispersibility and multi-pore structure technology.

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New concept of grinding tool achieving both ‘High efficiency’ and ‘surface finish in grinding field’

Grit Ace
Diamond/CBN wheel (metal bond)

Noritake has developed “Grit Ace”, with grains fixed in single layer, offering sharpness, long life, and machining accuracy through the adoption of unique new technology.

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