Mesh Belt Kiln

Technical Support

Mesh Belt Kiln is a continuous firing furnace, conveying of products by metal mesh-belt conveyer.

 It has excellent productivity at low temperature zone.

Mesh Belt Kiln
Working temperature R.T.~1000℃
Temperature precision ±2℃(at 1000℃)
Oxygen concentratio ~10ppm
Atmosphere N2、H2、O2、Ar


Gas flow is controlled from firing zone to burnout zone and binder is exhausted outside of the kiln at an optimum temperature. This allows for maintaining of a clean atmosphere possible.

Highly Precise Temperature Distribution

Heater alignment is based on past record and separation control makes precise temperature distribution for any temperature range possible.


Kiln body, except muffle, is built with molded ceramic fiber and is saving energy structure, it can significantly reduce power consumption.



Furnace internal structure
Furnace internal structure
Muffle type
  Muffle type Non-Muffle type
Structure  マッフルタイプ マッフルレスタイプ
Heating method Infrared secondary heating (Metal muffle)  Ceramic tube far-infrared direct heating 
Power consumption Large Small (Energy-saving type)
Dust  A little Nothing
Temperature homogeneity High Average (High in the width direction) 
Temperature response Low High 
Temperature control SSR、SCR SSR、SCR
Atmosphere Air, Special atmosphere (~10ppm) Air

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