Ceramics & Materials


The beautiful colors and vast selection of decorating pigments offered by Noritake enable rich expression on a wide variety of materials. Furthermore, in order to guarantee the safety of our products, we maintain a level of product quality that satisfies lead-release regulations, and are engaged in the development and practical use of lead-free pigments.

Pigment Types

  • High-temperature firing pigments (inglaze):FA-Series
  • Aqueous pigments for sketch outlining   :UG-Series (paste), U-Series (powder)

Firing Temperatures

FA-Series :1,150 – 1,300°C

UG-Series :1,200 – 1,350°C

U-Series :1,200 – 1,350°C


In general, pigments can be mixed in any proportions, but you should check the suitability of your specific needs before use.


Depending on the composition and firing temperature of the material (glaze), colors may change, so we recommend that you carry out tests to check colors beforehand.

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