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Ceramics & Materials


At Noritake, we handle a wide range of ceramic gold-plated products, including not just gold and platinum, but bright, semi-matte (no polishing required), and matte (polishing required) as well. Our products are regarded as being easy to print with and extremely easy to use. We also offer excellent abrasion resistance and detergent resistance as well as reliable quality and gold coloration.
These products are primarily used for ceramics, providing decorative precious-metal effects using only the best decorative materials for increasing product value.

Firing Temperature

For porcelain :720-880°C
For bone china :750-850°C
For glass (soda crystal) :500-600°C

Diluting Solvent

PS-H oil


Firing temperatures may vary and undesirable coloration or depositions may result, depending on the composition of unglazed ware. In this case, we will test the unglazed ware in accordance with your suggestions and recommend the optimal conditions for firing it.
In order to achieve the best coloration, you should use specialized diluting solvent.p>

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