Slip casting

Ceramics & Materials

The N cast system is a casting system using plaster molds.
This system is recognized for a track record of reliability in molding fine ceramics, ferrites, metal powders, etc.


Structural members, Refractories, Heat treatment jigs, Inspection jigs


(1) Molds are easily manufactured at low costs and with short delivery times.

(2) Water in the mold can be controlled easily with less unevenness in casting.

(3) Allows quick molding through the use of high- (medium-) pressure casting.

(4) Releasing is easy with little deformation of cast products.

(5) Suitable for solid casting and thick-wall product casting.

(6) Free from being clogged, a mold can produce products under the same conditions until it reaches the end of its service life.

(7) Free from the necessity of drying molds, this system saves drying facilities and labor. In addition, this system is free from mold deterioration due to excessive drying and from mold damage during transportation.

  • 鋳込み用石膏型1
  • 鋳込み用石膏型2


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