Product Information

Grinding and Polishing Tools

  • Diamond Tools

    Diamond Tools

    Tools for machining various non-ferrous materials using diamonds.

  • Coolants


    When grinding, polishing or cutting, Noritake’s coolants will draw out the machining performance of your tools.

  • Related Products

    Related Products

    Noritake offers products for grinding and polishing.

Ceramics & Materials


  • Heating Furnaces / Kilns

    Heating Furnaces / Kilns

    Heating systems and ancillary products for firing kilns and drying furnaces, etc.

  • Mixing Technology

    Mixing Technology

    Noritake provides actuator-less line mixers and related equipment.

  • Filtration Systems

    Filtration Systems

    Industrial filtration systems as well as filtration-related systems are available.

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