Portable Balancer "Balance Eye - ZZ"

Grinding and Polishing Tools

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  • Portable Balancer “Balance Eye – ZZ”
  • Balancing history screen
    (Balancing history screen)

A portable balancer capable of measuring and balancing grinding wheels, etc.

Unbalanced grinding wheels not only increase costs by reducing product quality and productivity but also cause damage to the grinding machine itself. The tabletop Balance Eye – ZZ is able to balance grinding wheels, diamond and CBN tools, and more. Featuring high performance, operability and miniaturization, this portable balancer measures the dynamic balance of the entire grinding machine including the grinding wheel, performing minute balance corrections to ensure high precision grinding.


  • Equipped with a DSP for even more functionality
    The Balance Eye – ZZ is equipped with a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) to measure vibrations with even greater precision.
    Equipped with a CPU that is faster and more efficient than conventional units. Balance measurements and processing are faster than ever before.
  • Easy to operate – just select an icon from the LCD touch panel
    Brighter and easier to see with the on-board high resolution, high luminance TFT color liquid crystal display.
    Operate anywhere in the world without the need to choose a language using easy-to-understand color icons.
    Operate via touch panel or built-in keys.
  • A wide variety of functions assist in balancing
    Now able to establish angular positions for balance weights when balancing wheels in forward or reverse rotation. 
    Able to balance rotors by division of the rotor into equal parts.
    Able to establish balancing goals, making it easy to evaluate after completion.
    Added a balancing history display function.
    Can be used to inspect equipment bearings and perform easy equipment diagnostics via the easy FFT function and vibration waveform monitor.

Main specifications for model BC-R103ZZ (standard 1 channel specification)

Dimensions W198mm X L165mm X H75mm Weight 1.6Kg
Power voltage AC85V-265V Power consumption 10W
Display 3.5 in TFT color LCD display Interface Serial I/O port, serial USB port
Measured speed 60,000min-1 On board software Wheel balancer, rotor balancer, balancing history display function, vibration monitor, easy FFT function, vibration waveform monitor function
Measurement range 0.001-999μm(P-P)
Display resolution ±0.001μm
Accessories Acceleration sensor, rotation sensor, power cable, carrying case


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