Grain Single-layered Metal Bonded CBN Wheel "CBN Grit Ace"

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Grain Single-layered Metal Bonded CBN Wheel “CBN Grit Ace”

This wheel employs grains arranged in an ordered pattern and has a structure with the core firmly bonded by brazing. The new grinding wheel maintains its original high-precision grinding and achieves highly efficient machining that rivals cutters.


  • High grain protrusion (150% that of electrodeposition)
    → Delivers high-efficiency grinding comparable to that of milling.
  • High grain retention (200% that of electrodeposition or more)
    → Abrasive firmly bonded by brazing, resulting in long life time.
  • Ordered grain arrangement (controllable grain spacing)
    → Able to achieve stable, high-precision grinding surfaces.
  • Dual-layer structure consisting of a rough machining section and a finishing section
    → Can perform finishing at the same time as cutting.
Machining efficiency