General-use Multi-pore Diamond Grinding Wheel "SD MEMOX"

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General-use Multi-pore Diamond Grinding Wheel “SD MEMOX”

Developed by Noritake, the SD MEMOX is easy to use with simple on-board dressing using special dressers, offering the high precision, high performance and high quality required for grinding extra-hard materials, ceramics and non-ferrous composites.


  • Simple and easy dressing:
    On-board dressing can be carried out using a specialized dresser attachment.
  • Unsurpassed sharpness:
    Its highly porous design enables excellent sharpness and long sustained use. Dry machining is possible as well.
  • Excellent accuracy:
    The use of a special low-thermal-expansion bond provides reliable machining accuracy.
  • Excellent longevity:
    The high grain retention of the special bond results in even better wheel longevity.


number Grain Grit size material Shape Dimensions (mm)
diameter Thickness diameter X zone
1000KS0020 SD 200 V 1 180 10 31.75 3
1000KS0050 SD 200 V 1 180 13 31.75 3
1000KS0080 SD 200 V 1 200 13 31.75 3
1000KS0110 SD 200 V 1 200 13 50.8 3

Grinding Performance

  • Amount of wheel wear
  • Surface roughness
  • Dressing performance


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