Metal Wheel for Super-Hard Main Groove Grinding "Dress-less Metal (MDL)"

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Metal Wheel for Super-Hard Main Groove Grinding “Dress-less Metal (MDL)”

Machining the main grooves and gashes of round tools requires deep cutting and produces a lot of heat. As a result, resins with low heat tolerance will soften and lose their abrasiveness, becoming unable to cut.
Metal, on the other hand, has high heat tolerance and can retain its grain, but often exhibits poor initial cutting performance because of poor dressability.
Dress-less Metal offers the high performance of metal with the dressability of resin, making highly efficient machining easy to perform.


  • Dress-less Metal offers the same heat tolerance and high grain retention as other metals, so it keeps its sharpness well and exhibits less wear, enabling highly efficient machining with longer adjustment intervals.
  • Dress-less Metal has good dressability on par with resin, exhibiting good sharpness from the start and enabling highly efficient machining.


Ideal for grinding grooves and blades for super-hard drills, cermet drills, and endmills.

Grinding Data

Machine CNC grinding machine
Workpiece φ20-mm endmill 40-mm-long gutters
Wheel speed 900m/min
Cut depth 3.5mm
Feed speed 100mm/min
Wheel (grit size) SD270
Standard resin SDC270
Coolants Waterless
Completed workpiece
Completed workpiece
Machining Time
Machining time
Highly effective at reducing machining time
Dressed Until Noticeable
Dressed until noticeable
Easy dressing
Surface Roughness
Surface Roughness
Finer grain necessary to replace resin
Amount of Wear
Amount of wear
Longer molding intervals possible


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