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  • Transparent Type
  • Transparent Type

Transparent, non-slip tape that you just peel off and apply. It can be used on slippery surfaces such as building entrances and stairs. Ideal for preventing accidents.


  • Transparency helps flooring maintain its appearance.
  • So clear you can read a newspaper through it.
  • Ideal for flat granite, marble or ceramic tile floor surfaces.
  • Light resistance tests revealed negligible change in transparency.
  • Tested using ultra-violet fade meters and exposed to UV radiation for 200 hours.
Transparent non-slip
Affixed to
granite floor


Product Examples

  • Stone, ceramic tile or chemical flooring
  • Flat floor surfaces at building entrances
  • Frosted glass flooring, etc.


Product number N-001CL
Grain Artificial grain
Grit size Polyester film
Max. width 940mm
Applications For walking surfaces


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