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Synthetic Coolants “Cool SEC” Series

The Cool SEC series water-soluble coolants use a synthetic oil as a base, do not include mineral oil, fatty oil or inorganic salts, and offer excellent lubricating performance and washability as well as enabling high-performance grinding with good properties for biting into workpieces due to a higher coefficient of friction.
They are also environmentally friendly. Noritake offers a large selection of coolants similar to standard water-soluble varieties, but with dilution ratios of 20 – 50 times.
The Cool SEC series can also be used for cutting and other machining processes, enabling you to centralize your coolants.


  • Lubricating performance, washability, biting performance = high-efficiency grinding
  • Corrosion resistance, antimicrobial properties, pH consistency = long fluid longevity, low skin damage
  • Anti-foaming properties, transparency, mildew-free = high usability

Product Types

SEC-500P SEC-600P SEC-700 SEC-800P SEC-1500P SEC-2000
Cooling performanceLubricity
Steel, cast iron, (non-ferrous metals)

Case Study

Dressing vitrified-bond CBN wheels
Coolant Noritake Cool SEC-500P
Grinding wheel SN70L8V35 455x75x152, 4
Wheel speed 33m/s
Cutting speed φ0.01mm/rev
Dresser Single-point dresser


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