Fixed Diamond Lapping Manufacture Metal Wheel

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Fixed Diamond Lapping Manufacture Metal Wheel

Currently, lapping and polishing with a loose abrasive have achieved high precision, but there are still problems with difficult-to-machine materials and the work environment. Noritake has developed a fixed diamond lapping wheel by new technology to improve them.


  • Maintains excellent sharpness over a long period of time thanks to Noritake’s proprietary low-strength, highly brittle bond.
  • Depending on the tip shape and assembly arrangement, chips can be removed smoothly without clogging, achieving high-quality machining.
  • Fixed diamond lapping wheels can reduce environmental impact by decreasing waste.


  • Lapping of sapphire, semiconductor parts, ceramics and more.

Case Study

Machine 9B two-sided lapping machine
Wheel SD1000 M φ630×φ242H
Workpiece SiC + Al composite (MMC), φ100× 1.0 T


  • Grinding efficiency
  • Surface roughness

Higher machining performance achieved compared to loose abrasive.


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