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Diamond wire consists of a piano wire core with affixed diamond grains. Diamond tools are used to slice all kinds of materials, such as silicon and sapphire. Using this diamond wire improves productivity compared to methods based on loose grain systems by improving machining efficiency and providing consistent machining precision. Since slurry isn’t required, diamond wire lets companies make significant reductions to their environmental impact.

Line up

Rejin Bond

Resin bond diamond wire which enables a high precision, high grade slicing.


Electroplated diamond wire realizing high eficiency slicing.


Type Rejin Bond Electroplated
Appearance レジンボンドタイプ写真 電着タイプ写真
Structure wire_resin_st.jpg wire_ele_st.jpg
Product diameter Ø150~320μm Ø150~320μm
Core Wire diameter Ø120~250μm Ø120~250μm
  • The fixed abrasive grain method enables high precision, high eficiency slicing.
  • The stable slicing precision reduces decomposed layers when slicing.
  • Hard materials can be sliced with a high eficiency.
Applications Slicing of silicon, magnetic materials, SiC, GaN, etc. Slicing of silicon, sapphires, magnetic materials, SiC, GaN, etc.

Processing examples

Type Rejin Bond Electroplated
Work Polycrystalline Silicon   Sapphire 
Dimensions  □156mm 4inch 
Product diameter 150μm 250μm
Core Wire diameter 120μm 180μm
Grain diameter M12-25 M30-40
Wefar thickness 203μm  
Thickness variation   24μm
TTV 13μm 8.4μm
Waviness 26μm  
Warp   16~22μm
Surface roughness 0.3μm 0.27μm


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