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Beveling Wheel and Notched Wheel for Silicon and Sapphire Wafers

Silicon Wafer Beveling Wheel

Grinding wheel for bevel machining of semiconductor material substrates.
Thanks to a design featuring a uniform layer of fine grains and high-precision finishing technology, this grinding wheel makes high-quality, high-precision machining possible with minimal chipping.Both outer-circumference machining and notch machining wheels are available in three types: single-groove, multi-groove, and composite rough finishing.

Notched Wheel


  • Even and ne diamond layer minimizes processing damage.
  • Wear resistant bond with a high grain holding force is used to achieve high shap eretention and a long life.
  • Highly precise slotted shape and nishing technology support various wafer shapes.
  • Copper-less supported.

Standard Selection

Applications Sapphire machining Silicon machining
Emphasis on cutting Standard Emphasis on durability
Bond type L-MSF N-MB00 P-MB01 R-MB02

Case Study

  Beveling silicon wafers Beveling sapphire wafers
Outer circumference
Wheel size φ202×20T×19U×30H×3.7X φ202×20T×19U×30H×3.7X
Wheel specifications SD800/1500 P - MB01 SD400 L - MSF
Notch machining Wheel size φ3.8×36L×11T×8U×1.4X φ3.8×36L×11T×8U×1.4X
Wheel specifications SD800/1500 P - MB01 SD400 L - MSF>SD400 L - MSF


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