Cutting Tip Outer Edge Grinding Resin Wheel "i-Surface"

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Cutting Tip Outer Edge Grinding Resin Wheel “i-Surface”

Grinding the outer edge of replaceable blade tips requires a higher level of precision and machining performance. However, since this process greatly impacts the grain, normal resin is unable to retain its grain, and sharpness becomes a problem.
i-Surface has improved grain retention, enabling improved sharpening and dressing intervals.


With its high grain retention, the grinding wheel retains cutting performance and wear is greatly reduced, enabling high-performance machining and longer adjustment intervals.
In addition, the i-Surface can have a finer grain than standard resins under the same conditions, resulting in less chipping and making it effective for use with materials that chip easily.


  • Extra-hard
  • Cermet
  • Grinding the outer edge of cutting tips for ceramics

Grinding Data

Machine Outer edge grinding machine
Stock removal 0.3mm
Coolants Water-soluble
Wheel (grit size) Standard resin SDC325
i-Surface SDC500
Workpiece Grinding tip: cermet
Chipping 0.02mm or less
  • Dress interval index
  • Life time index


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